The Pioneers Club

The Pioneers Club

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This is your chance to join the Fraser Mills Fermentation Company Pioneers Club! After all, who doesn’t like swag, free beer, and exclusive offers?

The Fraser Mills Pioneers Club is an early-adopter account in our tasting room. As a reward for being the first to gather in the ‘Mill, you’ll get so much more than those who wait.

How much more?

  • How about being a permanent insider at Fraser Mills. You get advance notice for all our Limited Release beers, days before the general public. These amazing beers will sell out fast, but you’ll never be left out in the cold!
  • Once per year we’ll release our Exclusive Pioneers Anniversary Beer, a cool, super-delicious anniversary brew that won’t be packaged for anyone except Pioneers Club members*.
  • Finally, you’re invited to our exclusive Early Opening Party for family and friends, before we open the doors to the general public. You’ll get the inside scoop, meet the brewer, and get the first taste of our beers.

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? But it gets better—way better—because we want to give you more beer for your club membership dollar. Check it out:  

$200 – 50 Memberships Only

Black and Grey in both Men’s and Ladies cuts.

With a $200 account you get 1.5 times your purchase in tasting room credit. That’s right: you get a $300 account at the bar, which you can redeem in any increment you want, any time you like. A quiet pint after work? Throw it on your Pioneers Club account! A panini and a glass for lunch? Pioneers Club account! A round of sodas for the thirsty kidlets while you and your partner enjoy a cider or a glass of wine? Pioneers Club account!

But wait! There’s more! Not only do you get a multiplier of your buy-in, you also get

  • Branded Fraser Mills Growler
  • FMFC T-shirt of your choice.

$500 – 40 Memberships Only

Our Wilie Becher Pint Glass

At $500 you get your 1.5 times tasting room credit ($750) and

  • FMFC Growler
  • 1 FMFC T-shirt of your choice
  • 2 pack of FMFC pint glasses

$1000 – 30 Memberships Only

At $1000 you get your 1.5 times tasting room credit ($1500), and

  • FMFC Growler
  • 1 FMFC T-shirt of your choice
  • 4 pack of FMFC pint glasses

$2000 – 25 Memberships Only (This is getting interesting . . .)

Our 12oz Glass

At $2000 you get your 1.75 times tasting room credit ($3500!), and

  • FMFC Growler
  • 1 FMFC T-shirt of your choice
  • 1 FMFC Hoodie
  • 4 pack of FMFC pint glasses
  • 4 pack of FMFC 12-ounce glasses

$5000 – 20 Memberships Only (Oh my . . .)

FMFC Hoodies

At $5000 you get your DOUBLE tasting room credit ($10,000!), and your total merch takeaway includes

  • FMFC Growler and a Howler (half-size Growler)
  • 2 FMFC T-shirt of your choice
  • 2 FMFC Hoodies
  • 4 each of all of our specialty glassware—up to 24 pieces total!

Who Needs This?

You may be thinking “This is great! I’d love to get an extra hundred on my account and support my local brewery—but who’s going in on those big memberships?”

Those are for local sports teams, community groups or businesses that want a place to hang out after the game, work, or a day of community activity. A Pioneers Club membership not only gets you into a warm, friendly space with great beer, wine, cider and mead to share with friends, team, or company, it also stretches your budget brilliantly! Plan ahead and have (up to) double the fun for your organization’s dollar!

But Hurry!

The Pioneers Club has a limited number of memberships, and any memberships not claimed (not that we expect that to happen!) will close off one week before our opening. You have to act now to get this great bargain! Don’t miss out—you won’t see a deal like this again!

Oh, That Fine Print:

  • Pioneers Club memberships can only be purchased at the brewery location, 3044 St Johns Street, Port Moody.
  • Pioneers Club accounts have no cash value.
  • Good for FMFC beverages, food, and branded merchandise, and packaged beer in the tasting room.
  • Keg deposits paid separately.
  • May not be used to purchase gift cards or homebrewing supplies.
  • May not be combined with other offers.
  • Not transferrable.
  • May not be resold.
  • Account holders must be present in the FMFC tasting room to make purchases.
  • A maximum of two persons per account—this lets couples use the account separately, and companies, community groups, or sports teams to have two designated account holders.
  • For large purchases of packaged beer, please contact us in advance of your event. Otherwise purchases may be limited to quantities on-hand.

*Pioneer Anniversary Beers are limited runs, requiring members to book their requests for packaged beer in advance. If any Pioneer Anniversary Beer is re-sold to third parties members forfeit the ability to purchase Pioneers Anniversary Beer in the future.