Stop, Listen . . . Collaborate!

Stop, Listen . . . Collaborate!

Mike, Michael, Warren, Michael, and Ashley, who is also known as Michael

Last Tuesday Fraser Mills marked a milestone for the brewery, doing our first collaboration brew, with Michael Patrick Kirkland at Ridge Brewing.

The brew day went well, turning out a Helles Lager showcasing Lumberjack hops and a crisp, floral profile.

Two brewers with their eyes on the prize

One of Maple Ridge’s first craft breweries, Ridge opened its doors in 2015 and has been producing craft lagers and ales ever since. Michael has been a friend to us at Fraser Mills for even longer than that, and we’re stoked that we got to do our first collab with him.

Lots of deep thoughts going into the brew

The system is a ten hectolitre, two-vessel setup from Specific Mechanical, a nifty little rig that we felt right at home on.

You can hear the gears working!

It was a single-step infusion, went quick and slick, and the resulting wort was brilliantly clear. We pitched with an Octoberfest yeast borrowed from the wonderful folks at Four Winds Brewing (thanks, y’all!)

That is some shiny, clear wort!

At the end of the day both Ridge and FMFC were happy with the brew–and you’ll be able to taste it for yourself in about six weeks (Hey, it needs to lager!)

Warren’s back

We’ll give tasting notes and be sure to let you know when it’s ready to try!