New Business

New Business

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We’re so excited!

Tuesday, March 26th, 2019 is an auspicious day for Fraser Mills Fermentation Company, and if you’re a resident of Port Moody, we’d like you to be a part of it.

Our application to operate our brewery and tasting room is on the Port Moody City Council’s agenda. We’re asking to be allowed to open a Craft Brewery with a tasting lounge at 3044 St. Johns Street.

It’s gonna be our little slice of heaven

We love this location: we’re within walking distance of hundreds of homes, it’s an area that could use more foot traffic, and for people who bring along friends from other communities, we’re 250 metres from the Skytrain station.

A beautiful sight!

For folks who aren’t sure about ‘brewery and tasting lounge’ we’re going to be making our own (delicious) beer right here and serving it on site to people from our community and visitors, along with food from local partners and a healthy dose of Gem├╝tlichkeit

What was that about ‘treats’?

We plan on being a pretty low-key place: we want families to come here (soda for the kids!) community groups to hang out here, people with dogs to bring ’em onto the patio where we can pet them and give them treats. What we most want is to keep the vibe that makes Craft beer so inclusive and welcoming for everyone.

Mead? It’s drink made of fermented honey and sometimes other things like fruit or spices. It’s also where we get our word ‘honeymoon’ from . . .

We should mention that we’re also going to be making our own mead, wine, and cider on-site. If you’re friends with someone who doesn’t exactly love Craft beer the way you do, they can still come here and get a delicious beverage and a warm welcome.

We’re eager to get started, and excited to be part of the community. We hope you are too–come out to the council meeting because we’d love to see all of our neighbours there.