Making Progress, Having Fun and Verrukting our Donnerbrau

Making Progress, Having Fun and Verrukting our Donnerbrau

Smiling like a man who has no internet

Starting a new business is one of those weird scenarios that is hard to describe to someone who hasn’t done it before. It’s a combination of mad activity and endlessly waiting for stuff you need so you can do the next thing, whether it’s permit approval, electricians, or just getting a waste bin set up so you can dispose of your trash.

But Fraser Mills is slowly starting to shape up. We’re limited to the kind of things we can do until we get our usage permit (come by Port Moody City Hall on March 26 at 7 pm to voice your support!) but we’re busy with all the myriad little details of setting up both a homebrew store (Fraser Mills Fermentation Supplies) and a brewery, and hosting a homebrewing event!

The store isn’t ready for occupation, meaning we can’t technically allow customers to shop here, because we need to fix a few details of electrical and fire codes (minor, but don’t tease the inspectors, we always say), but we will be ready to serve customers for online orders by Wednesday the 12th. We’ll put up an announcement on our FB page on that, and you can order and pick up your stuff at leisure.

Bin there, done that

On to the homebrew event: we’re having friends over to make beer next weekend. Saturday March 16th we’re the location for the Verruktes Donnerbrau Festival. It’s a little difficult to explain, but here goes: it’s not a beer drinking festival, it’s a beer homebrewing festival. A score of local homebrewers are going to brew over 20 batches of beer to specific recipes.

When the wort (unfermented beer) is ready, we’re handing it over to brewers who will take it home and ferment it into beer. But the catch is, we’re not telling them what it is. Not a hint! That way they have to guess what the beer is, and then do their best to ferment it into something tasty.

Sound crazy? Of course. But is it crazy enough? We’ll find out when we judge the beers in six weeks or so.

If you’re interested in Verruktes Donnerbrau, come on by Saturday to catch us in action. If you’d like to get in on the brewing/fermenting, hit up the Facebook page and shoot us a message. There might still be space available!