About Us

About Us

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What’s going on?

We’re opening a Craft Brewery in the Tri-Cities, outside of Vancouver BC. Our focus is going to be on making authentic, delicious beer, cider, mead, wine and spirits that speak to the place where they (and we) come from. We need your help to complete the last steps of our fund raising, and to join us as craft brewery owners and lovers of great local beer.

Why Fraser Mills, Why ‘Fermentation Company’

The Fraser River runs through the Lower Mainland’s heritage, from the mills that lined the shores to the log booms floating down it, its waters were the lifeblood of the people who lived here. We all grew up within sight of the Fraser and the mills that it serviced. The hard work, dedication and enduring honesty of a day’s labour—and the thirst it generated—inspires us.

Fermentation Company is because we’re planning for more than just great Craft Beer: the Fraser Valley has great apples, BC’s vineyards are growing grapes as great as any in the world, and mead is one of the fastest growing drink categories out there. Our team includes winemakers, apiarists, meadmakers and some amazing cider guys who can’t wait to get brewing.